Death of Paris, Rock The Dock, All Stars...

So much has been happening!!  Let's catch up!!  First off, Matt B has been sick for almost a month which hasn't been good but we plowed through anyways!  We played an awesome set at The Villain and Saint in Bethesda, MD with South Carolina's Death of Paris!!  They are such a great band with an incredible EP out now!  Not to mention they are the nicest people on the planet!  

That Thursday, we played with Clear For Takeoff and Sound Town at The Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore, MD for 98 Rock's "Rock The Dock" Outdoor Concert Series!!  It was hot as balls but everyone stayed the course so thank you to everyone who stuck around!  The margaritas did help!

Lastly, that next Monday, Matt B and Frankie performed along side a ton of other amazing local musicians for the LAST EVER 98 Rock "Noise In The Basement!"  This was an All Star Jam of tons of locals playing classic songs together and it was an amazing send off to NITB and our friend and one our greatest supporters, Matt Davis who is moving on to bigger and better things!!

Anyways, our next show is at Crossroads Tavern in Glen Burnie, MD on September 16th, hopefully Matt is better by then and Andy is touring in Europe right now so we hope him the best and a safe trip home!  

Thanx for all of your support!  It means the world to us!!

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